Captivating, passionate, propulsive and progressive are what best define the music of this power duo, perched at the convergence of traditional and electronic dance music. Perpetual e-Motion integrates technical and sonic innovations with old school traditions to create a enormous sound full momentum and groove. Lauded as a two man orchestra, this duo continues to innovate the art of traditional dance music through their use of sound sculpting and multitasking, captivating listeners and dancers with their infectious and unique sound. .

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Perpetual e-Motion begins with the simple statement of traditional, often recognizable dance tunes from Europe and Americas, and proceed to notch it up into a thrilling composition of complex poly-rhythms, melody and counter melody scaffolding exotic and lush chord structures into an amazingly satisfying musical performance drawing from Celtic, bluegrass, jazz and electronic influences. The duo is highly regarded throughout New England for their ability to provide hours of driving, pulsating music for contra dances, which rely on traditional dance tunes as a backdrop.
Born into a musical family, Ed Howe started playing fiddle at the age of 4, learning Suzuki method. His musical interests cover a wide spectrum from Bluegrass to Celtic and beyond and he has been a regular instructor for Maine Fiddle Camp since 2003. Howe has an extensive electronics background, and took an interest in the electric violin. He plays a 5-string NS Design electronic violin and is a featured artist on the NS design artist page. Ed makes extensive use of the BOSS RC-50 loop station to layer and orchestrate a variety of sounds from his instrument and watching him play bare footed and operating complex electronic equipment with his feet is a sight to behold. Check out a video of him playing solo by clicking here
John Coté is a well-known accompanist for many Maine and New England fiddlers and is very active as a private teacher and at Maine Fiddle Camp. Coté attended the Berklee College of music both for a five week music program in high school and for two years after high school to study film scoring. He later transferred to the University of Maine at Augusta's jazz program and earned a bachelors degree in jazz performance. At 22 he took an interest in traditional dance music teaching himself the mandolin and fiddle and helped found the Celtic/world band Wake the Neighbors that has endured to this day. In this duo, Coté plays a Godin acoustic electric guitar connected into synthesizer module adding a wide palette of sounds to the music. Aside from his duties on guitar, Coté simultaneously plays the didgeridoo (an Australian aboriginal instrument) and foot percussion. The result is a very lush and complex orchestration of music that defies what one would expect from just two people.

Excellence in Sound.....
Perpetual e-Motion is proud to use RCF speakers at all our gigs.